Mirek Tobiáš Hošman

Historian | International Political Economy | International Development | Archives Explorer

I am a Ph.D. candidate of a joint double degree program at University of Bologna (Italy) and Paris City University (France) in the field of History of International Political Economy. As of Fall 2023, I am a visiting fellow at the Department of History at Harvard University. I am also a fellow at the Cold War Archives Research (CWAR) Institute at the Wilson Center in 2023–2024.

My doctoral research analyzes the construction of economic knowledge at the World Bank in the 1960s, during the so-called Decade of Development (see more in Research).

I am pursuing international and multi-archival historical research combined with a global research outlook. I have accessed archives in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, participated in work and research stays in Italy, France, Estonia, Japan, and the United States, and presented my work at conferences and workshops in Europe, North America, and Latin America (see Presentations).

You can contact me at mirektobias.hosman2 [at] unibo.it.